Welcome Reception

Thanks to all of you, who visited us at the Welcome Reception! We really enjoyed speaking with you. 😊 In case you missed our short presentation you can download it here: Download Presentation Don’t forget to join our KickOff Meetings: 1. KickOff: 05/09/2018 – EW 169 – 7PM 2. KickOff: 11/09/2018 – EW 169 – 7PM Find us If you want… Read more →

The new Website is online!

As you are currently reading this article you’ve already seen it: Our fancy new website is online! From now on you can find all important information regarding AEGEE-Mannheim here in one place. You can look up our exciting activity plan for the next semester, inform yourself about various things regarding AEGEE and enjoy great pictures of the Summer Universities some… Read more →

Pre-Event Tbilisi and EPM Yerevan 2018

Before the EPM in Yerevan (the capital of Armenia), a pre-event in Tbilisi (the capital of Georgia) took place. From the 4th of March until the 7th of March, me and a bunch of AEGEEans discovered the impressive hospitable Tbilisi and its surroundings by a city tour, which also included some challenges. Moreover, we participated in lectures and workshops about… Read more →

First Rhein-Neckar-Stammtisch of 2018 in Kaiserslautern

Last weekend the first Rhein-Neckar-Stammtisch of 2018 took place in Kaiserslautern, in which AEGEE-Mannheim also participated with 4 members. The Rhein-Neckar-Stammtisch is always a great opportunity to speak about one’s plans for the upcoming months, share knowledge, ask for cooperation and offer some help. Read here what AEGEE-Kaiserslautern and the Golden Times wrote about the event: Last saturday there was… Read more →

Our trip to Eindhoven

As part of an exchange AEGEE-Eindhoven visited us in late October. During the 16th of November and the 19th of November we switched roles and went to visit them during the internationally known „Glow Festival“ along with members from other antennae throughout Europe. In total we were 6 people from Mannheim going. 4 by car and 2 by train. When… Read more →

It´s Lasertag again!

Following our weekly meeting last week, we had our first Member’s Event for this semester. As it became a tradtition we went to Neckarstadt to play Lasertag again. After we arrived there and changed our clothes (it is advisable to wear black clothes – you are easily spotted with lighter clothes), we started with a short delay into a funny… Read more →

AEGEE-Eindhoven is coming into town!

From the 20th of October to the 22nd of October we had some visitors from AEGEE-Eindhoven in our town. When they arrived on friday in the afternoon, we welcomed them with a typical – zünftig – German Dinner – Maultaschen! Later in the evening we went out for a Pub Crawl to a few popular bars in Mannheim. One of… Read more →

AEGEE-Mannheim at the International Day 2017

As one of a few student organisations with an international focus we were asked by the University of Mannheim to take part in the International Day 2017 at the 21st of September to celebrate 30 years of ERASMUS. Established in 1983 the ERASMUS Programme aims at increasing the mobility and chances of young Europeans as well as fostering the cultural… Read more →