Pre-Event Tbilisi and EPM Yerevan 2018

Before the EPM in Yerevan (the capital of Armenia), a pre-event in Tbilisi (the capital of Georgia) took place. From the 4th of March until the 7th of March, me and a bunch of AEGEEans discovered the impressive hospitable Tbilisi and its surroundings by a city tour, which also included some challenges. Moreover, we participated in lectures and workshops about the South Caucasus, Conflict Management and the Eastern Partnership Project. We did a bus trip to other Georgian places like the ancient capital. And of course we celebrated our mandatory European Night together.

On the 7th of March in the night, we took a bus to Yerevan. Some AEGEEans had a bus party, some wanted to sleep. On the 8th of March, we arrived in Yerevan. In the afternoon we had a small city tour and in the evening the EPM’s Opening Ceremony including a wine tasting.

On the next day we listened to panel discussions with very qualified speakers (ambassadors, politicians etc.) regarding Armenia, its opportunities and threats. The next two days we worked on the draft of the Action Agenda in several small groups. There was a great offer of workshops and again a European Night. German and French speaking people had the chance to visit the French Embassy and to talk at a round table with the French and German ambassadors. On the day of the departure (12th of March) you could take part in an excursion to a carpet factory.

Regarding the logistics: Everything was perfect. In both countries we slept in comfortable hostels with real beds, had delicious and enough food, friendly organizers and a party every night.The prices are very cheap and the weather is nice.

It is really worth to discover the South Caucasus region! So take your chance and apply for the Summer Universities in Tbilisi or Yerevan.

Text & Photos: Leonie Grauwinkel