What is an AGORA?

Would you like to decide on the future of AEGEE on European level together with more than 800 AEGEEans? Would you like to learn how a great organisation with more than 13000 members makes decisions? Would you even like to become active on European level?

Then you should definitely come to the next Agora!

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General information about the Agora

In ancient Greek the Agora ("ἀγορά") was the main gathering point. All important aspects of Greek life were determined there. Thereby, the ancient Agora became the place of birth of democracy.

At the Agora members from all AEGEE antennas meet and decide on the future of AEGEE together. It is the biggest event of our network. Because of that it is also the perfect opportunity to meet old friends and find new friends from all over Europe! The Agora is always organized by different antennas and with the support of AEGEE Europe.

Purpose of the Agora

Like in former days in ancient Greek our Agora is the main gathering point for all AEGEEans. All important decision and elaboration, all important positions and all local antennas come together and work on the future of AEGEE.

  • Controlling
  • Finance
  • Statute
  • Elections

Every European body (e.g. CD, SUCT) has to submit an activity report about the last six months (since the last Agora). These activity reports have to be approved by the main assembly.

The treasurer of the Comité Directeur has to submit a financial report about the last six months. The main assembly must vote on this report.

Our statues, the CIA (for "Corpus Iuridicum AEGEEense") is like a constitution for AEGEE. If one wants to change the rules by which AEGEE work it is necessary to make a proposal for the change of the statutes. These proposals are prepared and discussed in committees and then voted on in the plenary of the Agora.

All important positions of AEGEE-Europe will be announced and elected:

  • Comite Directeur
  • Audit Comission
  • Network Comission
  • Juridical Comission
  • Mediation Comission
  • Chair Team
  • Summer University Coordination Team

Authorities at the Agora

To ensure a smooth procedure for such big event, different authorities have different tasks to do. Here are the most important ones.

  • Chair Team
  • Local Organizers
  • Juridical Comission
  • Comité Directeur (CD)

The Chair Team consists of a chairman, a deputy chairman (both will be elected at the beginning of the Agora) and a secretary as well as an IT-responsible (both will be annouced at the beginning).

The Local Organizers are the hosts of the Agora. They are responsible for all the logistics stuff (accommodation, food, party, transport, etc.). They are also organizing the thematic activities matching the topic of the Agora. Furthermore they are taking care of all sponsors and partners of the Agora.

The Juridical Commission supports the Chair Team and everybody else at the Agora in terms of legal questions. They have supervision of every election and sit next to the Chair Team, but are not a part of it to guarantee independence.

The Comite Directeur (CD) is the executive board of AEGEE-Europe. They life and work for us fulltime in Brussels. They are responsible for all partnerships and every new initiative. They have to report about progress on a regular basis, so you will see them a lot on stage.


Of course you will also find enough time to find new friends from all over Europe at the Agora. On all AEGEE events the factor fun and culture exchange doesn't come up short. We won't skip the classical European Night and some very good parties.

  • European Bodies Meeting
  • Meet your Netcom
  • Agora Fair
  • Social Programme

You can meet up with all committees, commissions, Interest Groups or AEGEE Project Groups. The timetable will be announced by the Chair Team at the Agora.

Your Network Commissioner is responsible for a good communication between the local antennas and AEGEE-Europe. Most of the time, you get to know your Netcomi only via Skype Meetings or emails. The Agora is the perfect opportunity to meet each other in person. The timetables will be published by the Chair Team at the Agora.

On the Agora Fair European Institutions have to possibility to represent themselves and their activities. You can also meet external partners and sponsors.

Of course - like on every AEGEE event - you won't miss a lot of fun, networking and adventures. Look forward to the typical European Night with delights from all around Europe (selfmade and brought directly from each country). Also, legendary party nights are waiting for you with absolutely awesome people!

Participate at the Agora

Every member of AEGEE is allowed to visit an Agora. You can apply via the Online Membership System (OMS) of AEGEE-Europe. There are several ways to join the Agora. We will explain them in more detail below.

  • Delegate
  • Visitor
  • Envoy

As delegate you are the official representative of an antenna. He (or she, of course) has the right and obligation to take part in all plenaries. Also, he (or she) has to work in a committee about selected topics to prepare them for the plenary.

AEGEE-Mannheim supports its delegates with a partly travel reimbursement.

As visitor you don't have any obligations, but also no vote. You can decide whichever events you want to join (but you aren't allowed to enter during elections). For example you can take more time to explore the city. Moreover, you have more time to sleep.

As representative on European level you are member of one of AEGEE's institutions on European level (e.g. Working Group, Interest Group, CD, usw.). You will probably speak a lot on stage to tell the audience about the current status of your work.

The European Level at AEGEE is quite broad. There are lots of possibilities to get to the Agora. You can learn more about it if you contact each institution directly.

Aftermovie of the Agora 2017 in Catania