European Planning Meeting

Was ist ein EPM?

EPM stands for European Planning Meeting. This conference is taking place every year and is the second most important in AEGEE after the Agora .

The EPM decides the so called Action Agenda. It is a detailed implementation of the strategy for the next year of the Focus Areas of AEGEE.

If you want to shape the future of AEGEE genauer mitgestalten you can't miss the next EPM!


General information about the EPM

EPM is an abbreviation of European Planning Meeting as mentioned before. The event is split into a thematic conference and the planning of the next Action Agenda.

Previously the name of EPM was EBM (European Board Meeting) as it was mainly a meeting point for the antenna boards. At spring Agora Patra 2014 this was changed due to changed tasks of the event over time.

Around 200-300 participants join an EPM as representatives of their local antennas.

Important to know: An EPM does not have decisive votings as on an Agora. Also every participant has speaking rights (e.g. on an Agora visitors might not get speaking rights granted).

Structure of an EPM

The topic of an EPM is selected by the Delegates at the spring Agora of the previous year.

Afterwards the Comité Directeur appoints one or more Content Managers. These work out the topic further and develop workshops in cooperation with the relevant European Bodies.

At the Panel Discussions relevant speakers present their view about preselected topics. Afterwards the discussion is opened for every participant.

At an EPM you can find a lot of different workshops. These take place in small groups and are mostly used to discuss opinions and work out solutions for the relevant topics.

These are similar to the Panel Discussions but less formal. The relation to the theme is very important here as well.

As at Agora there is an AEGEE-Fair. This gives European Bodies and antennas the opportunity to present themselves and / or their new ideas.


As at an Agora you can of course also find enough time to meet old and new friends from all over Europe. AEGEEans are well known for not sparing out the fun and cultural exchange at every event. The European Night and some parties will definitely be included in the programme.


Join an EPM

Every member of AEGEE can join an EPM. The application is done via the Online Membership System (OMS) . There are less roles than on an Agora. These are explained further here.

As a participant you are an official representative of your antenna. He (or of course also she) has the right and obligation to join all sessions of the EPM.

Important sidenote: At an EPM there are no envoys of European Bodies (except Chair Team, Comité Directeur, the Content Managers, the Working Groups and the Action Agenda Coordination Comittee).

Members of AEGEE-Mannheim that participate in an EPM get financial support. Expenses for participation fee and travelling are partly refunded.

The CD and the Content Managers develop the topics and design the workshops. They are also responsible to follow the decisions taken about the topics by Agora.

Local Organizers have the logistical organisational responsibility for the event. They care about accomodation, social programme etc. and make sure everything runs smoothly.

After Movie des EPM 2017 in Zagreb