Our trip to Eindhoven

As part of an exchange AEGEE-Eindhoven visited us in late October. During the 16th of November and the 19th of November we switched roles and went to visit them during the internationally known „Glow Festival“ along with members from other antennae throughout Europe. In total we were 6 people from Mannheim going. 4 by car and 2 by train.

When we arrived on Thursday in the late evening, we were welcomed by our host who had made stroopwafels for us – super sweet, but very delicious!

The first evening we experienced a game called „Cantus“. In the beginning it was a little bit frightening because there were three men, called the senators, who told us to sing songs from a song book and were very strict. If you ignored a rule of them – and there were many, like never close the song book etc – you were punished by drinking while doing funny things. It was an evening of singing and drinking very much beer to sum it up, but very funny!

The next day we made a trip through the city of Eindhoven and played Lasertag in the gym afterwards. In the evening there was the famous „European Night“ which I liked the most. You could taste drinks and food from countries such as Poland, France, Mexico!, Italy, Czech Republic, Georgia, the Netherlands and Germany. We danced to great music and had a lot of fun together!

On Saturday we played a game called Crazy 88 (nothing to do with what you might think of). You had a list with 88 things to do in the city of Eindhoven in groups of 5-7 people. The more embarrassing the things were, the more points you got for fulfilling the exercise. We danced for example the Macarena in the city or followed strangers. The group with the most points won the competition. In the evening, we visited the famous „Glow Festival“ where we saw impressing Light Art and finished our last evening with a nice bar trip.

To sum it up, it ain´t have been the last trip to Eindhoven for us!

Text: Nadja Lohmann
Photos: Jennifer Hiller