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AEGEE-Mannheim at the International Day 2017

International Day

As one of a few student organisations with an international focus we were asked by the University of Mannheim to take part in the International Day 2017 at the 21st of September to celebrate 30 years of ERASMUS. Established in 1983 the ERASMUS Programme aims at increasing the mobility and chances of young Europeans as well as fostering the cultural exchange inbetween Europe as a whole. Until now 9 million students benefitted from the programme and have been mobilized across borders.

During the International Day we were present with an Infodesk in the „Alte Lehrbuchsammlung“ where we gave information about the vision and the work of AEGEE-Mannheim and AEGEE-Europe and how AEGEE is related to the ERASMUS Programme...

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The Recruiting Season of Late Summer 2017


When a new semester starts in Mannheim, the recruting season starts for us. So there are always some dates to mark in the calendar. The Initiatives Market, the Welcome Reception for International Students and our Semester Kickoffs. These are all events that we use to introduce ourselves and our work to interested students – national or international.

At the Initiatives Market on August 29th in the Alte Lehrbuchammlung, where every initiative of the University of Mannheim introduces itself, we had a whole day to convince the new freshmen (mostly German students) to stop by our desk and not everyone else’s. To do so we brought maps, flags, info sheets and our valuable experience to win new members and invited them to our two Kickoffs on September 7th and 12th.

At the Welcome Reception, whi...

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