AEGEE-Eindhoven is coming into town!

From the 20th of October to the 22nd of October we had some visitors from AEGEE-Eindhoven in our town. When they arrived on friday in the afternoon, we welcomed them with a typical – zünftig – German Dinner – Maultaschen!

Later in the evening we went out for a Pub Crawl to a few popular bars in Mannheim. One of it being „Filmriss“ (hangover in English, it really meets its name!!) or Nelson and played drinking games to get to know each other.

The next day (after some of us got woken up early and roughly by the neighbours drilling), thankfully without any hangover, we all came together at our university to have a city rally game. For this some members of our board put all their thoughts together and invented a new kind of City Tour. The City Tour 3000! We were divided into two groups and each of these groups had to find hidden treasures placed on cultural hotspots in the inner city of Mannheim with the help of a GPS-tracker and given coordinates.

After some funny experiences, challenges and informations which even some of us who are living here didn’t know, we played Lasertag and later on went out to a club called „Genesis“ to show some freaky moves or just dance together in a big circle.

On sunday (I think there were more hangovers now!) we finished the exchange with a big breakfast in the „N1 Lounge“ and sadly had to say goodbye to our friends from Eindhoven.

The whole weekend was a really nice experience and also a lot of fun as these guys are not only very kind, but also have some awesome sense of humour and I think we all enjoyed the exchange very much!

Things will repeat in the future for sure!

Text: Christian Schwarz
Photos: Jennifer Hiller, Anna Süß, unknown