AEGEE-Europe President travels to Ukraine

„Dear AEGEEans,

As you have seen, several initiatives has been started and promoted by the Comité Directeur regarding the situation in Ukraine.

First the official reactions and letters sent to all Heads of State and Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the EU, as well as the leaders of the European Parliament, European Commission and European Council.

Second we called upon you to start peaceful marches, calling to stop military intervention of any kind. We call upon Governments and the International communicty to allow Ukranian citizens so solve this matter by themselves in a democratic way.

The third initiative is one of which we would like to inform you with this email.

Tomorrow, I myself will travel to Kyiv representing AEGEE-Europe/Euroepean Students´Forum as part of the High Level delegation of the European Movement International, lead by Member of the European Parliament Mr Jo Leinen.

During the next days, we will meet with Government representatives, opposition representatives, Civil Society organizations, Youth NGOs, Foundations, Universities and many more actors, trying to find agreements and compromises and the will to coordinate themselves and create the European Movement in Ukraine. This will mean a strong supoport and message from the Civil Society in the country wanting to promote the European values.

Check here the Press Release by the European Movement:

For this we call uponyou to help us create visibility of our visit to Ukraine, spreading the information we share with you in the next days.

Let´s continue working toguether and supporting the Ukrainian members of our family.

For the Europe we want.

From Brussels with love,


Luis Alvarado Martínez


AEGEE-Europe / European Students‘ Forum“