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Our trip to Eindhoven

AEGEE-Mannheim at the Lasertag Gym

As part of an exchange AEGEE-Eindhoven visited us in late October. During the 16th of November and the 19th of November we switched roles and went to visit them during the internationally known „Glow Festival“ along with members from other antennae throughout Europe. In total we were 6 people from Mannheim going. 4 by car and 2 by train.

When we arrived on Thursday in the late evening, we were welcomed by our host who had made stroopwafels for us – super sweet, but very delicious!

The first evening we experienced a game called „Cantus“. In the beginning it was a little bit frightening because there were three men, called the senators, who told us to sing songs from a song book and were very strict...

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European Night


Wir haben die European Night nach Mannheim gebracht!

Mit vielen tollen Gästen aus allen Ecken der Welt, unter anderem Spanien, China, Brasilien und Dänemark haben wir im Oktober das beliebteste aller AEGEE-Events gefeiert. Leckeres Essen und verschiedendste flüssige Spezialitäten haben für viel gute Stimmung gesorgt!

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