Summer University 2014


Discover the German Lifestyle – Between „Lederhosen“ and „Fischbrötchen“

Type Travel Summer University (TSU)

Thematic category 

Theme Discover all about German culture, from

Cities visited Konstanz, Mannheim, Heidelberg, Cologne, Hamburg, Lübeck

Dates 04.07.-18.07.

Event fee 196€

Participants 25

Confirmation 100% participation fee

Lodging Gym & youth hostel

Provided meals breakfast, dinner

Contact email



Coordinator phone +49 1637 415 781

University support yes

Suitable for disabled participants No

Required special equipment sleeping bag or mattress, towel, slippers


Languages used

English, German


  • Brewery tour and beer tasting
  • Visiting various beautiful castle all over Germany
  • City tours in the amazing oldtowns of  Heidelberg, Cologne, Hamburg
  • German wine fest
  • workshop on German culture
  • Workshop on nationalism
  • own the night: Reeperbahn Hamburg
  • many parties and of course European night as well 😉
  • German carnival adventure in Cologne
  • Pub crawl in Mannheim and Hamburg
  • Sailing on the Bodensee
  • Mountain biking tour along the edge of the alps
  • Sports, BBQ, chilling
  • Paddling through Hamburg‘s rivers
  • German cooking class: from Sauerkraut to potato salad =)
  • Relax under the sun, in the mountains, at lakes, on beaches

Ideal Participant

The ideal participant is open towards learning about new cultures, energetic, sportive, doesn‘t mind train rides…

and is punctual (just kidding – or not?)

Event description

We invite you to discover Deutschland (Germany) from south to north. You will soon discover that every area of Germany has its own particular flair: ranging from mountains and Lederhosen in the south to beaches and „Fischbrötchen“ in the north. Now you might ask yourself: what exactly are Fischbrötchen? Our response: come and experience it yourself.

With the help of Deutsche Bahn, we will take you on a journey through the German lifestyle. We will introduce our culture to you, and are looking forward to also hear about what is typical in your culture. But all seriousness aside: we will of course also have tons of fun swimming in the Bodensee (lake Constance), going mountain biking, visiting castles, beer tasting, or simply BBQing ,Bratwurst‘ down by the Rhine river, like Germans love to do.

So what are you waiting for? The German ,Abenteuer‘ awaits you!



Prof. Dr. Ernst-Ludwig von Thadden

President of the University of Mannheim


Peter Simon

Delegate of the European Parliament


Dr. med. Thomas Ulmer

Delegate of the European Parliament



DeutscheBahn  absolventum_ma_typo_1c_modifziertGrimminger freunde-der-uni-mannheim-logo

Places visited



Konstanz is a city in the very southern part of Germany, stretched along the Swiss border. Located right at the ,Bodensee‘ (Lake Constance), this city offers great opportunities for relaxation and water fun.



Situated between the Neckar and Rhine rivers is the city of Mannheim. Here, you can discover Germany‘s oldest baroque castle in which the University of Mannheim is located nowadays. Mannheim is also known for its unique street divisions. The city is divided into quadrates, which date back to 1607 (and are especially practical for those who easily get lost). It is also the place where Germany‘s famous Spaghetti ice cream was invented.



Heidelberg allows you to dwelve deep into German history, as its origins date back to the fifth century. Cafés lined along timbered houses create a unique and charming flair. From the Heidelberg castle, which is found on top of a mountain overlooking the city center, you can enjoy a stunning view down into the valley shaped by the Neckar river with its medieval bridge that was once part of the town walls protecting the city from intruders.



Needless to say, the city of Cologne is home to one of the world‘s best-known cathedrals and UNESCO world heritage site: the ,Kölner Dom‘. As the fourth largest city in Germany, the metropole of Cologne is home to more than one million inhabitants. The people of Cologne typically have a relaxed approach to life, great sense of hospitality, and are always up for a good laugh. This vibrant city not only offers great shopping opportunities, but also many culinary delicacies, which you can taste in a traditional ,Brauhaus‘ along with the local ,Kölsch‘ beer. With its many traditions, Cologne is further known as Germany‘s capital city of ,Karneval‘, a one week long festival during which you dress up in costumes to chase away the cold months of winter to welcome the summer season.



Hamburg is a diverse city that will keep you on your toes. It even has more bridges than Venice!

From its industrial ports, to its romantic ,Grachten‘ (small waterways running through the city), and great party scene, there is always something to discovery for every type of person.


The ,Hansestadt‘ Lübeck distinguishes itself by its sophisticated port system, which was once capital of Germany‘s famous ,Hanse‘ (German confederation of market guilds). This picturesque city lets you experience the northern lifestyle of Germany. Marvel at its brick houses from Gothic architecture, which are recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site. Lübeck is a popular travel destination for those wishing to spend a couple of relaxing days by the Ostsee (the very edge of the Baltic sea).



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