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Pre-Event Tbilisi and EPM Yerevan 2018


Before the EPM in Yerevan (the capital of Armenia), a pre-event in Tbilisi (the capital of Georgia) took place. From the 4th of March until the 7th of March, me and a bunch of AEGEEans discovered the impressive hospitable Tbilisi and its surroundings by a city tour, which also included some challenges. Moreover, we participated in lectures and workshops about the South Caucasus, Conflict Management and the Eastern Partnership Project. We did a bus trip to other Georgian places like the ancient capital. And of course we celebrated our mandatory European Night together.

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Our trip to Eindhoven

AEGEE-Mannheim at the Lasertag Gym

As part of an exchange AEGEE-Eindhoven visited us in late October. During the 16th of November and the 19th of November we switched roles and went to visit them during the internationally known „Glow Festival“ along with members from other antennae throughout Europe. In total we were 6 people from Mannheim going. 4 by car and 2 by train.

When we arrived on Thursday in the late evening, we were welcomed by our host who had made stroopwafels for us – super sweet, but very delicious!

The first evening we experienced a game called „Cantus“. In the beginning it was a little bit frightening because there were three men, called the senators, who told us to sing songs from a song book and were very strict...

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Back to the roots – Network Meeting Ioannina


As one of the duties of my role as the External Responsible I always promote European Events to our members and remind them about deadlines. But once in a while I remind myself too. Also in this case. There was a Network Meeting in Ioannina popping up on my screen when I was researching the last entries in the Intranet of AEGEE-Europe, so I thought: „Hey, I´ve never been at a Network Meeting and I´ve never been in Greece, that has to change!“. So I applied and was accepted. Don´t worry it´s not so hard to write a good application, just use your natural Mannheim-Charme.

A Network Meeting is an event that is organised by a member of the Network Commission in cooeration with an AEGEE local...

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Building Bridges into the Migrationside of Europe – Network Meeting Gaziantep


The NWM in Gaziantep was a great success! It took place from the 18th to the 22nd of October and we had everything: A nice hotel, delicious Turkish food (every time in a restaurant) and interesting workshop and sessions (everything for only a 30€ participation fee!). About 30 participants came from different Turkish antennas, 4 from Germany (Mannheim, Aachen, Dresden, Berlin), 2 from the Netherlands, 1 from Russia and 1 from Hungary. Loes (President of AEGEE-Europe) and Reka (former President) have also been there.

We all were a bit surprised that Gaziantep is a big modern city with a relatively high standard of living, many students and open-minded inhabitants – in South-East Turkey, very close to the Syrian border...

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AEGEE-Eindhoven is coming into town!

The whole exchange crew

From the 20th of October to the 22nd of October we had some visitors from AEGEE-Eindhoven in our town. When they arrived on friday in the afternoon, we welcomed them with a typical – zünftig – German Dinner – Maultaschen!

Later in the evening we went out for a Pub Crawl to a few popular bars in Mannheim. One of it being „Filmriss“ (hangover in English, it really meets its name!!) or Nelson and played drinking games to get to know each other.

The next day (after some of us got woken up early and roughly by the neighbours drilling), thankfully without any hangover, we all came together at our university to have a city rally game. For this some members of our board put all their thoughts together and invented a new kind of City Tour...

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Castlemania – get to know the SUnny side of the Kurpfalz! English Please!


Summer Universities are known to be the most famous and popular events within AEGEE. After AEGEE-Mannheim organised the last SU in 2014 and several of our members helped AEGEE-Heidelberg out with their SU in 2016, it was therefore not far away this year to join forces and organise a common SU!

Preparations began more than six months in advance: After the joint decision in December, the first organisation team often sat together until late into the evening to clarify the framework conditions: How many participants would we invite? Where would we put them? In which period should the SU take place? And most importantly: under which motto should it run?

After many considerations the first program of our SU, which we called Castlemania – get to know the SUnny side of the Kurpfalz!, was drafte...

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Castlemania – get to know the SUnny side of the Kurpfalz!


Summer Universities sind bekanntermaßen die berühmtesten und beliebtesten Events innerhalb von AEGEE. Nachdem AEGEE-Mannheim das letzte Mal 2014 eine SU veranstaltet hatte und mehrere unserer Mitglieder AEGEE-Heidelberg bei ihrer SU 2016 aushalfen, lag es deshalb nicht fern, dieses Jahr sich zusammen zu tun und eine gemeinsame SU zu organisieren!

Die Vorbereitungen begannen bereits über ein halbes Jahr im Voraus: Nach dem gemeinsamen Beschluss im Dezember saß das erste Organisationsteam oft bis spät in den Abend zusammen, um die Rahmenbedingungen zu klären: Wie viele Teilnehmer würden wir einladen? Wo würden wir sie unterbringen? In welchem Zeitraum soll die SU stattfinden? Und am wichtigsten: unter welchem Motto soll sie laufen?

Nach vielen Überlegungen stand schließlich das erste...

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Members Event: Escape Room

AEGEE-Mannheim doing Escape Room

Zugegeben, wir bei AEGEE haben ja schon einiges erlebt, aber aus einem Gefängnis auszubrechen?
Das haben wir uns eigentlich nicht zugetraut.

Um ehrlich zu sein, aus der JVA Mannheim sind wir nicht entkommen, aber unser abendlicher Ausflug zum „Escape Room Mannheim“ hat uns vor mindestens genauso große Schwierigkeiten gestellt. In Vierergruppen aufgeteilt, wurden wir entweder im Labor, einem Schlachthof oder natürlich dem Gefängnis eingesperrt und hatten gerade einmal 60 Minuten Zeit, um zu flüchten. Dazu muss man einfach den Türschlüssel suchen. Klingt leicht, ist es aber nicht. Den findet man nämlich nur, wenn man vorher die im ganzen Raum versteckten Rätsel löst, gefühlt hundert Codes knackt und etliche Schlösser öffnet...

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